“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works: if from the head, almost nothing.” ~ Marc Chagall

Some of my most vivid memories from childhood include Claudia. Christmas times especially were filled with laughter and joy, but for the younger girls in our group of cousins, we also had a chance to see Claudia’s latest creative ventures. Claudia once created these funky (by 1990’s standards) earrings. I wore those earrings until my ears ached from the hooks. I love them because they were unique. No one else is my school had anything similar. But those earrings were a prized possession of mine because someone I love made them.

Three things I know to be true about my cousin:

·         Sees things in a way that I don’t

·         She thinks in a way I’ve never encountered elsewhere

·         She never stops creating from the heart

Art has a way of reaching the emotional places of our soul, unlike any other platform. Why is it that certain color combinations catch our eye? How is it possible that one painting can bring us to tears while another calms our fears?

Through the beauty of the internet, I no longer have to wait to see what my cousin’s recent creations include. Her Instagram page is one of my favorite spaces to browse. Claudia’s creativity never ceases to amaze me.

Art is meant to share.

I’ve been working in digital marketing for a few years now, and when the opportunity to help Claudia expand her digital reach came up, I couldn’t wait to join her team. Through these blog pages, I hope that we will all learn from her decades of experience.

Check back soon; we are still developing content. Until then, enjoy Instagram and don’t forget to check out Claudia’s Etsy and Minted pages!

Thanks for reading as you can see, I'm a huge fan of my dear cousin and I expect you will be one soon too!